Tuesday, April 26, 2011

TKO!.......eventually :)

I'm diggin' this boxing thing!! It's a lot of work, but you work up a great sweat real quick, plus it helps if your boxing coach is a super hottie like the one I got! We just ran through a few more exercises tonight and added some new ones. There is a lot to think about when you're boxing! I'm sure the guys fighting in the ring aren't thinking about the same things I do, but you get the idea!! Beau had me doing a couple different hits for for 30 secs.....oh dear Lord, my shoulders were hurting! I could feel my punches getting slower and less coordinated! He also had me work in some bouncing with my hits.....hysterical! No literally, I had to stop at one point because I was laughing so hard at myself!!?? Probably because I knew I looked like a big dork!It will get better with time, but right now I guess I'll just laugh at myself!

Also did some more jump roping today. I felt like such a kid. The weather was nice, the kids were both napping (woohoo!), so I headed out to the patio and was jumping rope in the middle of the afternoon! Sometimes I like to do parts of my workouts outside because I'll work up a better sweat and a good sweat makes me feel like I've been really productive. I did some one legged jumps on each foot and mixed ,in a couple different jumps with those and my calves were burning, but I'm looking forward to doing some more tomorrow. Actually, I'm not sure if I'll do anything tomorrow because I have a game in the evening and I don't want to be burned out before that. So wish me luck, I really hope we win :)

So tomorrow I have basketball, Thursday I'm driving to Parkersburg so I probably won't get a workout in so I'll have to make it up on Saturday or Sunday, as for Friday....who really knows. Maybe I'll try another time challenge from bodyrock!! Busy week ahead, Grace's church class tomorrow, I have a sewing project I'd like to get started tomorrow, basketball in the evening.....ugh, I need a nap just thinking about it! I'm hoping to also take my first shot at doing some homemade applesauce, probably Friday. I'm really looking forward to that. If that goes well, then I'd like to try homemade jams and can them myself. If all of that goes well, I was talking to Beau about giving them away as Christmas gifts....we really enjoy homemade gifts and hopefully everyone else will too. Who wouldn't want a nice jar of homemade strawberry jam?!?? Oh and today I got a chance to really sit down and check out a blog that I am IN LOVE with.....iheart organizing! I can't wait to move and get everything cleaned up, labeled and put away, it's going to be amazing! Check out her blog sometime, it's really great.

Well, I think that's it for me tonight kids. If I get my sewing projects started/finished tomorrow I'll post pictures.....be nice though, I'm just a beginner :) Nite all!

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