Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Another day down :)

Today I created my own workout and I think it went pretty well. I did 10 exercises for 10 minutes; 50 secs with a 10 sec break between each. I did bicep curls, jump squats, bridges, push ups, tricep extensions, lunges, band stretches, toe touchs, flutter kick, snowboarder jumps. Exhausting, but I really enjoyed it. I think I'll do the same thing tomorrow, but go through it twice. Or actually I'll pick five exercises and go through them twice instead of trying to do all 10 exercises twice. After the workout, I took the kids in the jogging stroller and went for the two mile walk along the usual route, then as soon as we came home my daughter was very persistent about wanting to play with her ball out in the back yard.....ugh! I couldn't tell her no because she did awesome on the walk and had been really great all morning, so we went to the back yard and played for about 45 minutes before lunch time. While out there, she asked that we race, so she and I raced back and forth across the yard before I convinced her to draw on the sidewalk with the chalk with her mommy. It was pretty warm today so between the walk and playing outside , I was sweaty and hot and ready for a nice quite shower......hahaha!!! So after all that I'm hoping for an earlier bedtime tonight so I'll be eating my apple and peanut butter and heading to bed; I'm so looking forward to that :)

So tomorrow is Wednesday, which means I probably won't get to workout until the kids' nap time...bummer! Some days I'd really like to nap myself, but too much to do. A move coming up in June, means lots of packing and getting rid of junk and making some phone calls to get things into place, wish us luck :) Good night bloggers!

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