Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fun times :)

What a good day today! I spent the early afternoon with a friend (Jennifer Kent) learning some more sewing tips and we completed a amazingly beautiful set of new bedroom curtains that I'm so excited to finally have!She is so amazing and talented. I appreciated her patience with me since I'm just learning and still have such a LONG way to go! Even better, I had to take both kids with me and they were wonderful, really couldn't have asked them to be any better.

Workout was a fun one today....played a basketball game with some really great people and had such a good time! Definitely doesn't hurt that we won and everyone played well and had a good time! I got very lucky with my team, I enjoy every one of them and I think they're all really good people....couldn't really ask for more!

I've got a couple exercises picked out for tomorrow. I actually forgot to do my Ab Challenge yesterday so I'll be doing that tomorrow along with another exercise. Tomorrow is Wednesday so another morning of rushing around to get where we all need to be. My goal is to maybe complete the exercise while my daughter is at her church class, but if not I'll do it during nap time! The weather is suppose to be beautiful tomorrow so I'll walk to pick her up from the class and we can enjoy a nice walk home together.

Still slowly working on the packing and the basement is sorta done?? The move is coming up so fast so I feel like I'm losing time! But we'll have visitors next weekend and I'm so excited to see them. This weekend actually we have the Chocolate Festival which will be lots of fun and my husband has his final on Friday so wish him luck...it's his last exam of his 2nd year of medical school....not counting the boards exam in June (which I know he will rock it because he's awesome)! Life seems to be happening so fast, I just hope I always remember to take time to enjoy all the great times :)

Well, I guess that's it for tonight. Sweet dreams <3

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