Sunday, May 1, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy.....ugh!

Alrighty, well let's see.....I'm coming to you live from my very unorganized and hectic living room!! Surrounded by boxes, suitcases and stacks of clothes waiting to be put into the suitcases.....I decided I needed a break :) Anyone who knows me, knows that all this unorganized/organized chaos is driving me absolutely crazy! But for the next 6-7 weeks this is going to be my life while getting ready for the move :-/

I played in the All-Star basketball game this past Wednesday; we won (woot, woot!! YAY 2nd years!!) I had a blast with those girls! We all played on different teams throughout the season, but game together for the 1st yr girls vs. 2nd yr girls game. It was awesome and man, those were some athletic girls! Made me miss my old basketball days :( I missed them until I hurt my foot! I have absolutely no idea what I did or how I did it, which is even more depressing and made me feel old! So by the time I got home from the game, I was limping pretty good and had some tenderness with the whole ankle and foot. Today is the first day that I had the least amount of pain and felt like I was walking normally again. So my lower body workouts have been very limited, which stinks so I've been doing some arm stuff with the bands/tubing that I have. I'm pretty sure my upper body is ready for the foot to be back to 100% because my arms are tired and a little sore!

Thursday I didn't workout because I spent the entire day in Parkersburg, WV looking for a house for us to move into in luck!! Everything was way too small or wouldn't allow pets! Some of the rooms in these houses were so small that even our couch and tv wouldn't fit or the ceilings were way to low!! Low ceilings with a family who's average height is 6 foot is just not going to happen! I don't know, maybe people in WV are just smaller!! So the kids and I are heading to Ohio this coming Thursday and we will be taking a detour through Parkersburg to, yet again, check out some more houses! This trip home is going to be a longer one, but travel time will be broke up with the stop in Parkersburg and the kids will have the opportunity to get out of the car and stretch their legs a little while checking out the houses with me. Plus our car is going to be packed to the max, not only because I tend to WAY over pack even for the simplest trips, but I will also be taking our 75lbs golden retriever home with us so he will be occupying the majority of the space in the back of the van! So wish me luck on this little endeavor that is coming up all too quickly! I actually started packing today, just because I loathe doing laundry so I wanted to have the kids' outfits laid out and cleaned for the trip. And if I didn't do the laundry today......I just wouldn't do it period! The rest of my house could be spotless, but there is probably almost 99% of the time a basket of laundry sitting in front of my washer and dryer! It's the most unrewarding house chore there is because no matter what there is ALWAYS more laundry because everyone is always wearing clothes!!

Okay, now that I'm done with my little tangent about laundry....even though my foot was hurting pretty bad I managed to take walks everyday (extremely slow ones!) and I took some pictures of our cute little town so that once we get settled I can put together a scrapbook of our two short years here in Lewisburg!
I also managed to make some homemade granola that turned out to be very yummy!! And you all know that I'm not typically a granola eater! But this I really liked! Granola, shredded coconut, honey, dried blueberries, brown sugar and butter....and here you go!
Oh and I wanted to take the time to thank my super awesome husband for all his help this past Thursday. He took the day off from studying and stayed with the kids all day while I was in Parkersburg. I came home to dished washed (and put away....which I rarely do!), laundry done, folded and put into baskets and put into the appropriate rooms to which they needed to be put away. He seldom puts the clothes away because he says that he never does it the way I like and I inevitably go back and re-do it. To this I must say.....he's right  :( I'm a little OCD about certain things. And dinner was being made also when I came was fantastic. It was so nice to come home to a clean kitchen and clean clothes; so helpful and numerous things I didn't have to worry about catching up on on Friday. So thank you so much Beau......I love you <3

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