Tuesday, April 26, 2011

TKO!.......eventually :)

I'm diggin' this boxing thing!! It's a lot of work, but you work up a great sweat real quick, plus it helps if your boxing coach is a super hottie like the one I got! We just ran through a few more exercises tonight and added some new ones. There is a lot to think about when you're boxing! I'm sure the guys fighting in the ring aren't thinking about the same things I do, but you get the idea!! Beau had me doing a couple different hits for for 30 secs.....oh dear Lord, my shoulders were hurting! I could feel my punches getting slower and less coordinated! He also had me work in some bouncing with my hits.....hysterical! No literally, I had to stop at one point because I was laughing so hard at myself!!?? Probably because I knew I looked like a big dork!It will get better with time, but right now I guess I'll just laugh at myself!

Also did some more jump roping today. I felt like such a kid. The weather was nice, the kids were both napping (woohoo!), so I headed out to the patio and was jumping rope in the middle of the afternoon! Sometimes I like to do parts of my workouts outside because I'll work up a better sweat and a good sweat makes me feel like I've been really productive. I did some one legged jumps on each foot and mixed ,in a couple different jumps with those and my calves were burning, but I'm looking forward to doing some more tomorrow. Actually, I'm not sure if I'll do anything tomorrow because I have a game in the evening and I don't want to be burned out before that. So wish me luck, I really hope we win :)

So tomorrow I have basketball, Thursday I'm driving to Parkersburg so I probably won't get a workout in so I'll have to make it up on Saturday or Sunday, as for Friday....who really knows. Maybe I'll try another time challenge from bodyrock!! Busy week ahead, Grace's church class tomorrow, I have a sewing project I'd like to get started tomorrow, basketball in the evening.....ugh, I need a nap just thinking about it! I'm hoping to also take my first shot at doing some homemade applesauce, probably Friday. I'm really looking forward to that. If that goes well, then I'd like to try homemade jams and can them myself. If all of that goes well, I was talking to Beau about giving them away as Christmas gifts....we really enjoy homemade gifts and hopefully everyone else will too. Who wouldn't want a nice jar of homemade strawberry jam?!?? Oh and today I got a chance to really sit down and check out a blog that I am IN LOVE with.....iheart organizing! I can't wait to move and get everything cleaned up, labeled and put away, it's going to be amazing! Check out her blog sometime, it's really great.

Well, I think that's it for me tonight kids. If I get my sewing projects started/finished tomorrow I'll post pictures.....be nice though, I'm just a beginner :) Nite all!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Great weekend and great workouts!

Happy Easter everyone (even though it's a day late!)!! I hope you enjoyed your holiday as much as I did. Ours was so laid back and relaxing....pretty much the COMPLETE opposite we're used to when we're home with family! We were in no rush to get anywhere. The kids woke up, we did Easter baskets, ate breakfast, went to church came home and relaxed for the rest of the day and ate a nice Easter dinner, just the 4 of us....it was so great. Even the weather was terrific. The kids looked fantastic in their outfits, although I don't have a single picture of them together because Henry was not in the mood and Grace, well, she was just being Grace and refused to sit next to her brother for any amount of time for me to get any kind of decent picture.....*sigh* as goes the story of a day in my life with the kids!

Anyway, today was really great also. I was up early, Henry of course slept in (went to bed at 7:30 last night and woke up at 9:15 this morning!!go figure he would never do that if I was trying to sleep in also!), was at the grocery by 10:20am and thankfully my kids were perfect for me during this trip and I was able to finish an entire shopping trip in under an hour :-), came home and continued purging everything unwanted in the house so we don't move any unwanted items in June, organized my pantry, attempted a new recipe for dinner (not so good, ended up running out to get something else to eat.....ugh!) then my husband, Beau, took Grace out back to run around a little before bed time. While they were "racing" in the backyard, I jumped rope (thanks to my supportive husband for purchasing this for me <3). I am really going to love adding this to my workouts, so great for getting your heart rate up and working up a quick sweat. Plus, you can have the kids playing outside and watch them while you're doing your workout.....perfect!!! And lucky me I have my very own little jump roping coach, Grace, who ever so kindly says, '1-2-3 jump' each time I'm suppose to start jumping and then tells me "now mommy you keep jumping!" Oh how I appreciate her loving words of encouragement!

Afterr getting Grace down for the night, Beau and I went to the basement and did a little boxing! Never done it before, had no idea what I was doing, but I LOVED it. It was so great. Good workout for the arms, I was sweaty and tired afterwards.....just another awesome addition to the workout routine. Both of these things came at a really good time for me, I needed something new to add to my workouts, something to look forward to, a new challenge for myself.........you get the idea! With the boxing though, I need Beau home to help me because he wears the mitts and I hit, so it's a two person workout, so I'll be doing that whenever his schedule isn't too ridiculous with studying for boards, etc. To say he doesn't have a lot of free time lately, would be putting it very mildly, so I really enjoyed all the time I got to spend with him yesterday and tonight with the boxing. I hope it's something we can really stick to together. Beau did a little boxing years ago, so he knows the basics which is exactly what I need. There were a few times when I was hitting the mitts that I thought I was going to miss and accidentally hit him in the face or chest. I think if that would've happened that would've been the beginning and the end of my boxing career! I would've felt terrible.

So not too sure what I'll do the rest of the week, it's going to start to get pretty busy after this week, just around 8 weeks until we move and we still need to find a place (YIKES!)  so I'll be heading to Parkersburg, again, on Thursday in hopes of looking at some houses or at least setting up numerous appointments for this weekend maybe....either way it's crunch time and I'm really looking forward to this move and all the adventures that await for us. Bigger city, closer to home, friends moving to the same area......it will be absolutely perfect..............once we get a house, then I won't be such a worried mess!

Wednesday night I have the last basketball game of the year, the All-Star game! It was a voting of your peers that played this season and I was lucky enough to have made the women's team so I'll be playing at 7:15pm on Wednesday and then basketball will be done....kinda of bittersweet. But thanks to everyone who voted for me because I never vote for myself with things like that. Beau said I should've, but it just didn't feel right.

Well, in my attempts to be more of a morning person I am trying to get to bed earlier at night so that I can start waking up at 7am to get a few extra things done before the kids wake up....like maybe eating a hot breakfast for once :-) so good night to all who are so kind enough to keep reading along as I creep closer and closer to my 90 day mark! Until next time........................................

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Another day down :)

Today I created my own workout and I think it went pretty well. I did 10 exercises for 10 minutes; 50 secs with a 10 sec break between each. I did bicep curls, jump squats, bridges, push ups, tricep extensions, lunges, band stretches, toe touchs, flutter kick, snowboarder jumps. Exhausting, but I really enjoyed it. I think I'll do the same thing tomorrow, but go through it twice. Or actually I'll pick five exercises and go through them twice instead of trying to do all 10 exercises twice. After the workout, I took the kids in the jogging stroller and went for the two mile walk along the usual route, then as soon as we came home my daughter was very persistent about wanting to play with her ball out in the back yard.....ugh! I couldn't tell her no because she did awesome on the walk and had been really great all morning, so we went to the back yard and played for about 45 minutes before lunch time. While out there, she asked that we race, so she and I raced back and forth across the yard before I convinced her to draw on the sidewalk with the chalk with her mommy. It was pretty warm today so between the walk and playing outside , I was sweaty and hot and ready for a nice quite shower......hahaha!!! So after all that I'm hoping for an earlier bedtime tonight so I'll be eating my apple and peanut butter and heading to bed; I'm so looking forward to that :)

So tomorrow is Wednesday, which means I probably won't get to workout until the kids' nap time...bummer! Some days I'd really like to nap myself, but too much to do. A move coming up in June, means lots of packing and getting rid of junk and making some phone calls to get things into place, wish us luck :) Good night bloggers!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Let's play catch up :)........

So thanks to my husband, I now realized that several of my blogs that I completed last week didn't post! So I'll try to let you all know what I did or all that I can remember I guess!!

This past weekend I had a friend, Emily, from back home come for a weekend visit with her daughter. It's always nice to see friends and have time to catch up, plus I really enjoy having company! The kids did great together and we even did our own mini-Easter egg hunt here at my house (inside of course because the weather was terrible!) That was really cute to watch the kids, especially Nikki's son, he seemed so excited and surprised each time he found an egg. It could've been because it was his first Easter egg hunt (that he completed in a monkey costume that he wore for Halloween! It looked like he was trick-or-treating for Easter eggs......priceless)! Then yesterday Emily and I went to the Virginia Safari Park with all 3 kids and we had such a good time. The kids had a blast seeing all the different animals, so it was definitely worth the hour and twenty minute drive :)

Let me tell you about today's challenge first before I recap last weeks.... I completed the Ab Challenge again and I was so excited when I finished because I was on my 6th set before my abs really started hurting me. I'm feeling improvement when I do this now which is really exciting and I think my next 2-3 sets after that were some of the fasts I've done just because I was happy for myself! Although no matter what by the end I am ALWAYS laying starfished on the floor making some kind of face of anguish because my abs are killing me after 10 minutes. Also today while the kids were napping I put new fabric on my dining room chairs so I was working those arm muscles pulling that fabric tight and screwing those screws in! I know this actually doesn't count as a workout, but I was so excited to have completed these! Although I did work up a little bit of a sweat, only because I was racing the clock before the kids woke up!!

So last week went a little something like this.....

Alright, well last Tuesday I created my own workout challenge and ended up HATING myself and every flight of stairs that I came into contact with for several days!! I did 10 minutes of regular push ups (10), jump squats (15) and pike press push ups (10)! The last several sets of my push ups were pathetic, but I pushed it out to 10 each time. Honestly there was some mild wheezing and grunting involved!!! My arms felt like jello afterwards and surprisingly my legs felt pretty good. I made sure to stretch really good and even thought that I might get away with very little soreness in the legs, was I oh so wrong! The next morning, my arms were sore, but not like I expected, but my legs and butt....WOW!! As soon as I stood up out of bed I thought to myself, "what have you done!" It was crazy, but I really love those jump squats, they are so effective (obviously)! My laundry room is in the basement and it took me longer to get up and down my steps than it did to complete my workouts!! My thighs were shaking going down the steps and I was carrying laundry baskets full of clothes so I made sure to take my time. The last thing I need is to get hurt when I'm NOT working out....wouldn't that be the biggest kick in the pants! So that was my Tuesday!

On Wednesday............hhhhmmmm, I'm trying to remember which challenge I did from the body rock website and can not remember anything!! I know I worked out because I got to shower peacefully and quietly afterwards while Henry napped and Grace was at church!!???......moms don't forget that kinda of thing! I'll browse the website and see if that jogs my memory and I'll let you know. Sorry about that.

On Thursday I did the walk again with my friend and her son....probably not the greatest idea. We walked two miles again; I was pushing both my kids in the jogging stroller and the entire time I felt like I was walking like such a weirdo! My legs were definitely still recovering so randomly when I was walking it felt like my left leg had a mind of its own and was kicking out to the side! In reality it wasn't, but it was the craziest feeling! I even walked ahead of Nikki and asked her if I was walking funny! She said I wasn't, but maybe she was just being nice!! On the bright side though I think the walk really was helpful because it was working my legs, but it felt like a good stretch! Also, on Thursday I played 40 minutes of basketball. I really enjoy our games and it was tournament time, but unfortunately our team lost so our season ended. I played the entire 40 minutes because there wasn't another girl to sub for me, which is fine.....when I'm playing well. I played like poo on Thursday making me little to no help to my team and in turn making me grouchy for the rest of the night because I was stankin' it up, but also because we lost....double whamy :-/ Kind of a disappointing loss because I really enjoyed those guys! So now we're waiting for the All-Star game and that will be it for the season!

Friday I did some yoga and more stretching (especially the legs) because my lower body had really been put through the ringer all week, but I felt really good. The yoga is also challenging just because it's working your muslces differently than the more intense challenges I do on other days. I really like the mix of things I'm doing now. I think my husband was right (but don't tell him that!! ;-) ), if I would've tried to do 90 straight days of those high intensity workouts, I would've got burned out really quickly and probably even hurting myself. So the variety I have now seems to be working really great and I'm still doing something everyday, but just not something that makes me hate myself!

I'm putting together a workout list for tomorrow and I think it will be pretty good. I'm trying to come up with 10 - 12 different exercises and I'll do each exercises for a minute and do it one time through! That will be something different and I'll be working on my arms tomorrow because they need help....desparately!

Again, I'm so sorry for the mix up with the posts, but thanks to everyone who came to check it out (even when there was anything there!!) Have a good night everyone :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Still going.....

Hey all! Sorry for the gaps in posts. My husband brought it to my attention the other day that I hadn't had a post in almost a week! The catch is that I had actually written 3 other blogs that evidently didn't post! Guess who isn't super technologically advanced....this girl! Didn't even realize that instead of hitting post, I had been hitting 'compose' so everything I had written was lost! Some days, I'm a genius :) So I apologize for the mix up. I will post all my updates on my workouts tomorrow after my Ab Challenge. I have friends in town visiting currently so I will spend the time with them and then update you all tomorrow. The weather is suppose to be gorgeous so I'm hoping to go for a good jog with the kids in the jogging stroller and then come home and complete my challenge. I'll hopefully get to spend the better part of tomorrow outside with the kids enjoying the sunshine before the rain comes again!

So I look forward to catching you all up tomorrow on what's been going on and again I'm so sorry for the mix up!

Monday, April 11, 2011


Hello all,

So sorry for the delay in postings. I turned off my computer and put it away, should not have done that!! I've been deliquent with my postings, but not my workouts....so lots of good things going on! The weather has been so great here lately that my friend and I went on a long walk (1.8 miles) with our kids. By the end of the walk, it was more enjoyable for the kids than us! It was hot and we were sweating. For some reason we decided to take the route that was less flat??!!! It felt good though and I'd really like to try to make that a regular part of my routine (when our crazy weather decides what it's going to do).

Today I did the Ab Challenge again. I'm making good progress which makes me feel good. I really like the challenges because as long as you push it, they will always be challenging and you'll be sore at the end each time. It was pretty warm when I started my workout this morning and my daughter was watching me and was sweet enough to bend over me as I was doing my toe touches and ask with a an oh so sympathetic look on her face, "mommy you want some water?" Then she so kindly went to the refrigerator and brought me an ice cold water bottle! I must look like I'm nothing short of death when I'm doing these exercises because she always looks concerned  for me!

I won't give you an entire recap of all the days I missed, just so you're not reading for the better part of your night! I would like to try do a push up challenge, but I'm still working on trying to put a couple different types of push ups together, but I'm excited to get it together and try it.

Well, I guess I'll keep this one pretty short also because my husband and I are working on our dining room table. There was a little "mishap" involving my husband, some gun cleaner and my beautiful black table last night so we are making a last ditch effort to save our family table!! So off I go with my paint and brush!

Happy exercising!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fun times :)

What a good day today! I spent the early afternoon with a friend (Jennifer Kent) learning some more sewing tips and we completed a amazingly beautiful set of new bedroom curtains that I'm so excited to finally have!She is so amazing and talented. I appreciated her patience with me since I'm just learning and still have such a LONG way to go! Even better, I had to take both kids with me and they were wonderful, really couldn't have asked them to be any better.

Workout was a fun one today....played a basketball game with some really great people and had such a good time! Definitely doesn't hurt that we won and everyone played well and had a good time! I got very lucky with my team, I enjoy every one of them and I think they're all really good people....couldn't really ask for more!

I've got a couple exercises picked out for tomorrow. I actually forgot to do my Ab Challenge yesterday so I'll be doing that tomorrow along with another exercise. Tomorrow is Wednesday so another morning of rushing around to get where we all need to be. My goal is to maybe complete the exercise while my daughter is at her church class, but if not I'll do it during nap time! The weather is suppose to be beautiful tomorrow so I'll walk to pick her up from the class and we can enjoy a nice walk home together.

Still slowly working on the packing and the basement is sorta done?? The move is coming up so fast so I feel like I'm losing time! But we'll have visitors next weekend and I'm so excited to see them. This weekend actually we have the Chocolate Festival which will be lots of fun and my husband has his final on Friday so wish him luck...it's his last exam of his 2nd year of medical school....not counting the boards exam in June (which I know he will rock it because he's awesome)! Life seems to be happening so fast, I just hope I always remember to take time to enjoy all the great times :)

Well, I guess that's it for tonight. Sweet dreams <3

Monday, April 4, 2011

The break was good :)

Short entry tonight....championship game is on!!!!! :)

So I took the weekend off from doing some of the more intense workouts from the bodyrock website. But I did take the kids on a walk and pulled the wagon and my goodness that was more weight than was I was ready for when we took off! I estimated the total weight between 65-70lbs, both kids together weigh 55-56lbs, plus the bag, my camera, coats, blankets and a few toys for my son....there are no easy trips with kids. I took them over to a open grassy area in front of the local community college to let my daughter run off some of her winter energy and boy did she run. My poor son sat on the blanket looking on longing to join her festivities. One day soon enough, he'll be there and I'll be chasing two :)

Today's exercise was called "Pretty Fly" Challenge. Two exercises for 10 straight minutes....and ouch is about all I could muster. Good ab workout for sure. It was a combination of high knees and a knee hugging sit up. The high knees is suppose to be done with a jump rope, but yet again, I don't have one and haven't owned one since I was probably...I don't know 8?!?! So now I'll be looking to invest in a good jump rope! I did find myself breathing heavily during the high knees, but also managing a smile and slight laugh....my son thought the high knees were hysterical and would do a really great belly laugh and begin flapping his arms with each set. My daughter also said she wanted to do them and got her shoes out, put them on and began doing the high knees with me. That lasted for about two rounds until she noticed her playdough on the table! My daughter is really great; eating breakfast this morning she asked, 'you going to workout today?' I felt good about that. The workouts are becoming routine for her also, just another person to keep me honest and working hard :) I've posted the link to the workout video below. The website has a lot of information on it and even off some diet challenges that I'm going to look into. I eat a larger variety of food now than I ever have in my entire life, but I'm still limited and am trying to branch out a little, so maybe a food challenge could be next??? Try a new food each week?? hhhhhmmmm, it could work! I'll be continuing my workouts after the 90 days, so food could be good! There are a ton of good food blogs I could research, plus I like to eat :) I'll keep you posted! Try the workout from today or any other day for that matter....in some crazy way it makes you feel good about yourself! See you tomorrow........Go Butler!!


Friday, April 1, 2011

Burn Baby Burn :)

Well, I searched for about 30 mins for the workout I completed today with no luck. I happened to catch it in passing last night and didn't write it down! So I'll do my best to explain it, but I'll start by saying, burn baby burn. Man my thighs were on fire! The exercise was a 10 min challenge and my last minute and half was pretty ugly, with a lot of "oh God's" and "Ow, Ow, Ow's," but I prevailed....barely! After the workout, I spent a good deal of time stretching just to keep the muscles loose and to hopefully minimize any stiffness tomorrow. I wanted to do some yoga today, but didn't have the time to look into good exercises and stretches so hopefully I'll do that starting Monday. I think I'm going to make some modifications to my 90 day challenge because the exercises I'm doing are high intensity and I don't think it would be healthy for me to do the exercises for 90 straight days, so I'm going to mix in yoga, stretching and lower intensity exercises to give my muscles and overall body time to recover from the more intense workouts. So Monday - Friday I'll be doing the workouts from www.bodyrock.tv and then on the weekends I'll just look to do some sort of physical activity, even if it's just going for a walk and pulling my kids in the wagon....trust me after about 30 mins, that in itself is a workout!! Especially around here, there's not one flat road in sight!
Starting the workout today, man I was feeling so lazy. I was pretty tired from the night before because my son is teething and last night he was up a BUNCH just crying and uncomfortable. You feel terrible for them, all while wishing you could just get some sleep! So I was up with him trying to find anything that would provide him comfort or relief and there was very little. As if that weren't stressful and exhausting enough, my daughter woke up several times also crying from what sounded like a bad dream maybe. So my son was crying next to me and my daughter was crying out for me from her bed while my poor husband was practically jumping out of bed next to me trying to figure out what all the fussing was about. He was still half asleep and finally asked me, "what is going on tonight?!" By the time we got them both comforted and back to sleep we were laying in bed staring at the ceiling wishing for more hours in the night! You would think (or I guess you hope) that after a night like that, that the kids would sleep in from having such a restless nights sleep.......nope, they were up and at 'em at just before 8am! And really I don't have too much room for complaints there because to some mother's 8am is sleeping in.....so very seldom to I ever complain about the time my children wake up!

Anyway, the kids are napping and I half heartily get my workout stuff together and 'assume the position' and wait for my timer to beep so that I can begin to deliver to myself my daily ass kicking! I must say that when watching the videos of the exercises I do each day, they are visually deceiving! They don't seem very difficult when watching or even when you first begin, but like I mentioned above, my last minute and a half was, now looking back, hysterically pathetic!!! This will be an exercise I come back to and re-challenge myself for sure. I'll describe (as best I can) the exercises today.....There were two, start out in a squat position (feet shoulder width apart), lean forward placing your hands palms down on the floor with legs still shoulder width apart.  Bend your elbows and lower your upper body as low as you can (a push up) to the floor, then power yourself back up into the starting squat position (if grunting or low key 'screaming' helps by the final sets, by all means do it.......I chose grunting and teeth clenching!!!). From the beginning squat position, lower yourself onto the floor with your hands behind you and your feet still flat on the floor. Then kick one leg into the air, then the other, alternating between legs, do 10 kicks total. From there back to the squat position, you'll again do the upper body push up with your feet flat on the floor, power yourself back into the starting position, then back to the floor to complete 10 more kicks. You'll alternate between these two exercises for 10 minutes completing as many sets as you can. I was a complete idiot and forgot to count my sets today! Probably because I was more concerned with the growing burning sensation in upper thighs!! I know you'll be reading about me doing this challenge again just because I would like to do better by the end! So I think that pretty much sums up the workout for today, my son just woke up crying again so I have a feeling I'm in for a long night.....again :( Poor guy, teething bites! Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.