Monday, April 11, 2011


Hello all,

So sorry for the delay in postings. I turned off my computer and put it away, should not have done that!! I've been deliquent with my postings, but not my lots of good things going on! The weather has been so great here lately that my friend and I went on a long walk (1.8 miles) with our kids. By the end of the walk, it was more enjoyable for the kids than us! It was hot and we were sweating. For some reason we decided to take the route that was less flat??!!! It felt good though and I'd really like to try to make that a regular part of my routine (when our crazy weather decides what it's going to do).

Today I did the Ab Challenge again. I'm making good progress which makes me feel good. I really like the challenges because as long as you push it, they will always be challenging and you'll be sore at the end each time. It was pretty warm when I started my workout this morning and my daughter was watching me and was sweet enough to bend over me as I was doing my toe touches and ask with a an oh so sympathetic look on her face, "mommy you want some water?" Then she so kindly went to the refrigerator and brought me an ice cold water bottle! I must look like I'm nothing short of death when I'm doing these exercises because she always looks concerned  for me!

I won't give you an entire recap of all the days I missed, just so you're not reading for the better part of your night! I would like to try do a push up challenge, but I'm still working on trying to put a couple different types of push ups together, but I'm excited to get it together and try it.

Well, I guess I'll keep this one pretty short also because my husband and I are working on our dining room table. There was a little "mishap" involving my husband, some gun cleaner and my beautiful black table last night so we are making a last ditch effort to save our family table!! So off I go with my paint and brush!

Happy exercising!

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