Sunday, April 17, 2011

Still going.....

Hey all! Sorry for the gaps in posts. My husband brought it to my attention the other day that I hadn't had a post in almost a week! The catch is that I had actually written 3 other blogs that evidently didn't post! Guess who isn't super technologically advanced....this girl! Didn't even realize that instead of hitting post, I had been hitting 'compose' so everything I had written was lost! Some days, I'm a genius :) So I apologize for the mix up. I will post all my updates on my workouts tomorrow after my Ab Challenge. I have friends in town visiting currently so I will spend the time with them and then update you all tomorrow. The weather is suppose to be gorgeous so I'm hoping to go for a good jog with the kids in the jogging stroller and then come home and complete my challenge. I'll hopefully get to spend the better part of tomorrow outside with the kids enjoying the sunshine before the rain comes again!

So I look forward to catching you all up tomorrow on what's been going on and again I'm so sorry for the mix up!

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