Monday, April 18, 2011

Let's play catch up :)........

So thanks to my husband, I now realized that several of my blogs that I completed last week didn't post! So I'll try to let you all know what I did or all that I can remember I guess!!

This past weekend I had a friend, Emily, from back home come for a weekend visit with her daughter. It's always nice to see friends and have time to catch up, plus I really enjoy having company! The kids did great together and we even did our own mini-Easter egg hunt here at my house (inside of course because the weather was terrible!) That was really cute to watch the kids, especially Nikki's son, he seemed so excited and surprised each time he found an egg. It could've been because it was his first Easter egg hunt (that he completed in a monkey costume that he wore for Halloween! It looked like he was trick-or-treating for Easter eggs......priceless)! Then yesterday Emily and I went to the Virginia Safari Park with all 3 kids and we had such a good time. The kids had a blast seeing all the different animals, so it was definitely worth the hour and twenty minute drive :)

Let me tell you about today's challenge first before I recap last weeks.... I completed the Ab Challenge again and I was so excited when I finished because I was on my 6th set before my abs really started hurting me. I'm feeling improvement when I do this now which is really exciting and I think my next 2-3 sets after that were some of the fasts I've done just because I was happy for myself! Although no matter what by the end I am ALWAYS laying starfished on the floor making some kind of face of anguish because my abs are killing me after 10 minutes. Also today while the kids were napping I put new fabric on my dining room chairs so I was working those arm muscles pulling that fabric tight and screwing those screws in! I know this actually doesn't count as a workout, but I was so excited to have completed these! Although I did work up a little bit of a sweat, only because I was racing the clock before the kids woke up!!

So last week went a little something like this.....

Alright, well last Tuesday I created my own workout challenge and ended up HATING myself and every flight of stairs that I came into contact with for several days!! I did 10 minutes of regular push ups (10), jump squats (15) and pike press push ups (10)! The last several sets of my push ups were pathetic, but I pushed it out to 10 each time. Honestly there was some mild wheezing and grunting involved!!! My arms felt like jello afterwards and surprisingly my legs felt pretty good. I made sure to stretch really good and even thought that I might get away with very little soreness in the legs, was I oh so wrong! The next morning, my arms were sore, but not like I expected, but my legs and butt....WOW!! As soon as I stood up out of bed I thought to myself, "what have you done!" It was crazy, but I really love those jump squats, they are so effective (obviously)! My laundry room is in the basement and it took me longer to get up and down my steps than it did to complete my workouts!! My thighs were shaking going down the steps and I was carrying laundry baskets full of clothes so I made sure to take my time. The last thing I need is to get hurt when I'm NOT working out....wouldn't that be the biggest kick in the pants! So that was my Tuesday!

On Wednesday............hhhhmmmm, I'm trying to remember which challenge I did from the body rock website and can not remember anything!! I know I worked out because I got to shower peacefully and quietly afterwards while Henry napped and Grace was at church!!???......moms don't forget that kinda of thing! I'll browse the website and see if that jogs my memory and I'll let you know. Sorry about that.

On Thursday I did the walk again with my friend and her son....probably not the greatest idea. We walked two miles again; I was pushing both my kids in the jogging stroller and the entire time I felt like I was walking like such a weirdo! My legs were definitely still recovering so randomly when I was walking it felt like my left leg had a mind of its own and was kicking out to the side! In reality it wasn't, but it was the craziest feeling! I even walked ahead of Nikki and asked her if I was walking funny! She said I wasn't, but maybe she was just being nice!! On the bright side though I think the walk really was helpful because it was working my legs, but it felt like a good stretch! Also, on Thursday I played 40 minutes of basketball. I really enjoy our games and it was tournament time, but unfortunately our team lost so our season ended. I played the entire 40 minutes because there wasn't another girl to sub for me, which is fine.....when I'm playing well. I played like poo on Thursday making me little to no help to my team and in turn making me grouchy for the rest of the night because I was stankin' it up, but also because we lost....double whamy :-/ Kind of a disappointing loss because I really enjoyed those guys! So now we're waiting for the All-Star game and that will be it for the season!

Friday I did some yoga and more stretching (especially the legs) because my lower body had really been put through the ringer all week, but I felt really good. The yoga is also challenging just because it's working your muslces differently than the more intense challenges I do on other days. I really like the mix of things I'm doing now. I think my husband was right (but don't tell him that!! ;-) ), if I would've tried to do 90 straight days of those high intensity workouts, I would've got burned out really quickly and probably even hurting myself. So the variety I have now seems to be working really great and I'm still doing something everyday, but just not something that makes me hate myself!

I'm putting together a workout list for tomorrow and I think it will be pretty good. I'm trying to come up with 10 - 12 different exercises and I'll do each exercises for a minute and do it one time through! That will be something different and I'll be working on my arms tomorrow because they need help....desparately!

Again, I'm so sorry for the mix up with the posts, but thanks to everyone who came to check it out (even when there was anything there!!) Have a good night everyone :)

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