Monday, April 4, 2011

The break was good :)

Short entry tonight....championship game is on!!!!! :)

So I took the weekend off from doing some of the more intense workouts from the bodyrock website. But I did take the kids on a walk and pulled the wagon and my goodness that was more weight than was I was ready for when we took off! I estimated the total weight between 65-70lbs, both kids together weigh 55-56lbs, plus the bag, my camera, coats, blankets and a few toys for my son....there are no easy trips with kids. I took them over to a open grassy area in front of the local community college to let my daughter run off some of her winter energy and boy did she run. My poor son sat on the blanket looking on longing to join her festivities. One day soon enough, he'll be there and I'll be chasing two :)

Today's exercise was called "Pretty Fly" Challenge. Two exercises for 10 straight minutes....and ouch is about all I could muster. Good ab workout for sure. It was a combination of high knees and a knee hugging sit up. The high knees is suppose to be done with a jump rope, but yet again, I don't have one and haven't owned one since I was probably...I don't know 8?!?! So now I'll be looking to invest in a good jump rope! I did find myself breathing heavily during the high knees, but also managing a smile and slight son thought the high knees were hysterical and would do a really great belly laugh and begin flapping his arms with each set. My daughter also said she wanted to do them and got her shoes out, put them on and began doing the high knees with me. That lasted for about two rounds until she noticed her playdough on the table! My daughter is really great; eating breakfast this morning she asked, 'you going to workout today?' I felt good about that. The workouts are becoming routine for her also, just another person to keep me honest and working hard :) I've posted the link to the workout video below. The website has a lot of information on it and even off some diet challenges that I'm going to look into. I eat a larger variety of food now than I ever have in my entire life, but I'm still limited and am trying to branch out a little, so maybe a food challenge could be next??? Try a new food each week?? hhhhhmmmm, it could work! I'll be continuing my workouts after the 90 days, so food could be good! There are a ton of good food blogs I could research, plus I like to eat :) I'll keep you posted! Try the workout from today or any other day for that some crazy way it makes you feel good about yourself! See you tomorrow........Go Butler!!

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