Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Long time no.......see?

I apologize for the neglect this poor blog has suffered the last couple weeks. We got home from visiting family on the 16th and it took a couple days to unpack and get back into the swing of things again. It was kinda strange unpacking knowing that I'm going to have to turn around and re-pack everything in just a few short weeks. To be honest with you, workouts have been sporadic so I'll apologize to you for not being as consistent as I know I should be or that I originally set out to be. I'm disappointed in myself a little for letting it get away from me. That wasn't my intention, so each day now, I'll be getting back at it pretty intensely again and since I missed days during the week, I made them up this weekend.

Oh before I tell you about today's workout and I have to tell you, so far to date one of the best and most memorable moments throughout this whole process was with my daughter yesterday on our family walk. Any day that it's nice out and not raining, we try to take a family walk after dinner. Henry's in the jogging stroller, Grace is walking between Beau and I and even Crash accompanies us almost every time. (He's currently recovering from an injured foot, so we're letting him take it easy!) Yesterday Beau pushed Henry and I walked with Grace.....sorta. Just barely into our walk she decided that she wanted us to run so she and I took off ahead of Beau. She was just going as fast as her little legs could carry her, pumping her arms (in a very girly fashion) and giggling the whole time because we were running together. Well, our run ended up lasting pretty much the entire "walk" and it was fantastic. There was one point we were running together and talking; I mean actually having a conversation! It was incredible that she's at an age now that the dialogue between us is meaningful. I thought to myself, "this is the greatest thing we've done" and I really hope to do that again with her some time. Of all the workouts I've done, those moments with her, were my absolute favorite!!

...............today's workout...............not quite so meaningful or memorable! Just back to the grind of sweating my butt off and panting like a dog in the heat that consumes my living room! For example, this morning we woke up, it was about 65 degrees outside, but in my living room it was 75! My heat has been turned off since last week.....bbbbooooo to the hotness being inside. So today I did a rotation of my favs to get my spirits back up and into a good daily workout routine again. I did jump squats, jump rope, push ups, lunges and bicep curls. My butt was burning me something fierce while I cooked dinner tonight!! (After re-reading that sentence, that could really be taken out of context and interpreted SO many ways!) The jump rope was such a great addition and I am so thankful that Beau found the ones that he did. They also came with a poster of different types of jumps you can do and I was looking those over yesterday and I think I'm going to give a couple a shot tomorrow and see how it goes. Push ups are coming along. For some reason today my dog felt it was necessary to lay his head right in front of my face and breathe on me for each push up.....talk about motivation to push yourself back up again. Lunges were great......lots of cringing for those because I did jump squats first and then went right into my lunges. I do them the length of my living/dining room, so down and back counts as 1 and I do a minimum of 3 sets. I pushed it out to 5 one day and then laid on the floor wishing someone would come and cut my legs off. I should say though, that I see and feel a big difference in my lunges since I started this. My minimum 3 sets is almost not enough now and that made me feel really good today. I found myself today doing a lot of 'ow, ow ow's' and 'oh goodness'es on my very last few coming back up the living room. My bicep curls were good, did the most I've ever done today. Minus the jello arms I had afterwards, it felt really good.

I was also fortunate enough today that both kids napped at the same time today (woohoo!) so that's when I did my workout and I always try to do my jump roping when they're both napping because I go out to the garage or patio and I don't want to leave them inside alone for any length of time. Especially Henry, he's crawling EVERYWHERE and trying to pull himself up on EVERYTHING so he definitely can't be left alone for any amount of time because my house is starting to become filled with boxes....no further explanation needed!

I tried to go to the bodyrock website today to get some new workouts for motivation and a little pick me to pull me out of my semi-workout depression, but for some reason my computer runs SO SLOW with that website and randomly kicks me off the internet when I'm trying to watch a video; if I'm fortunate enough to get that far! So I'll ask my dear, supportive husband if I can borrow his computer one evening after dinner and sit down and find 5-10 workouts that I want to do and that way and I can mix things up a bit. I feel that I hit the workout wall because I was getting bored with my workouts and I have so much trouble with that site, honestly, I got very discouraged for some reason. But I'm getting back at it again, just in time for our move, which I'm wishing was over already. I'm anxious to get into the new house with the yard and have some much needed family time with my husband and not have to be watching the clock wondering when he has to get back to school! With that said, obviously the next few weeks are extremely busy for us and I look for our patience to run a little thin just over frustration with so much going on, but thankfully I've got an excellent team mate and we'll get through it all and have a big sigh of relief when it's over.

Before I go I wanted to ask you guys for some workout ideas or exercises that you've found that you really enjoy that maybe I could start implementing into my routines as well. I'm really open to suggestions and new ideas so if you have them I'd love to hear them.

Thanks for stopping by :)

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