Tuesday, May 10, 2011

workouts & family time

Hello again! The kids and I are visiting in Ohio until Monday....we got here last Thursday so this visit is a longer one. To be completely, honest I miss home :(  I miss our routine and sleeping next to my husband! The kids are doing really well surprisingly, although my poor Henry has a pretty terrible cough that he's currently trying to overcome and I'm praying that the end is very near!

So I've been doing my workouts during my visit and I tell ya it's not hard completing my workouts, but I feel weird doing them at someone else's home?!! Is that strange? I feel a lot more self aware than I do when I'm at home! Plus, my aunt has two German shepards who aren't use to kids (but, have been SO great with them) nor are they use to seeing someone working out so the workouts have been cautious ones some days and just entertaining for the most part. The kids and I are camping out in my aunt's finished basement that has turned out to be very accomodating so I have been trying to do my workouts there, but her basement ceiling is maybe six and a half feet tall! Makes for an interesting twist when I'm six foot!! I was using my tubing tonight doing some bicep and tricep work and realized I can't extend my arm above my head for tricep extensions!! So right off the bat, did one tricep extension, and man I pulled that tubing up and punched my fist right into the ceiling.....uh OUCH!! No damage was done to the ceiling, but I can't say the same for my fist or my pride! Some of my exercises are done in the laundry room....there is an unfinished ceiling with exposed beams, so I can move more safely there!! However, the doorway to the laundry room is LESS THAN six feet tall! Needless to say, numerous times I have walked straight into the top of the doorway instantly coming out the other side grabbing my head and mumbling some very un-motherly four letter words!!! But despite low ceilings and even lower doorways, my workouts are getting done, just with a few extra bumps and bruises along the way!

Tonight my workout was squats, push-ups and bicep curls. I unfortunately forgot my Gymboss in WV so I'm a little lost without my beeps to let me know when to switch exercises! I didn't realize how dependent I had become of that, but I miss it :( So I wanted to rotate through those three exercises for 10 mins or until I thought I was going to die....which turned out to be about the same! Typically my workouts are very verbal. I talk to myself CONSTANTLY, but being in my aunt's basement, Henry is sleeping in the same room as my exercising....interesting! But leave it to me, if I want to complain about anything I found a way to do it, I do part of my exercises in the living room and when I move to the laundry room, that's when all my panting and grumbling begin! It has been a pretty interesting few days between smacking my head on the doorway and not being able to whine out loud during my workouts, I think it's toughing me up a little bit! Teaching me to shut up and get it done, something I'm not always so great at......just ask my husband! I can have a smart ass, sarcastic, back handed comment for just about anything anyone says. Anyway, I wanted to do some jump rope, but my stupid foot still isn't back to 100% and I don't have my ankle brace with me. I miss doing my jump squats and jump rope. Those are probably my two favorite exercises of all of them. I like them because I don't feel like it's exercise when I'm doing them, so I'd do them all day!! My squats tonight felt great, my push ups were a little wobbley by the end and some what ugly! But I'm doing them (push ups) again tomorrow because as crazy as it sounds, they're also slowly making there way up my list to a personal favorite. Before you know it, I'll be loving burpees!! HA! We'll see about that.

Oh and since my last post was pretty much a rant about how much I disliked Parkersburg, I'd like to let you know I FOUND A PLACE!!! Woohoo!! Such a relief, it's actually in Belpre, Ohio but it is perfect for us and I'm SO looking forward to getting there!! It's a ranch style, with a finished basement, fenced in yard, attached garage, 6BR, 2.5 baths, plenty of space and I can keep my dog!! To look at it from the outside you'd think "no way is all that in that house!" But it is and my landlords sound really awesome, making it, thus far, perfect!!

So stayed tuned for more, of what I'm sure will be an interesting rest of the week!!

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