Monday, May 2, 2011

Hot day makes for a hot workout!

Hey I'm getting my blog done early today!!  YAY for me :) It's only 1:00pm and so far to day I have completed the following since we all woke up around 8:15am:

kids up & dressed
all beds made
dog fed & put out
oil changed in the van
grocery shopping done
dinner laid out
workout completed :)

and I'll be putting the kids down for their nap as soon as I'm done telling you about my workout! I also dropped off a case of water bottles to my husband at his school. Apparently I was feeling pretty bad ass since I thought I'd be nice and take the bottles up to his room so I carried my (approximately 25lbs) son in one arm and 24 water bottles under the other while letting my daughter walk in front of me! Everything was going very well until I got to the door of the building and my daughter isn't strong enough to open the door.....interesting! So I sat the water bottles done, opened the door and then quickly grabbed the case of water while trying to get through the door before it shut! Henry thought it was hysterical! But, ta-da! I did it :) Got to the room, put both the bottles and my son down and my arms were pretty shaky. Just a little insight into the degree of my stubbornness for those who didn't already know!

So today is a pretty warm day; sunny and in the mid-upper 70's.....and you won't catch me complaining one bit! I love the warm weather and sunshine! Our house is pretty warm so my workout was a hot one. I let Grace turn my iPod onto for my workout and she did really great: she plugged it into the speakers and turned it on, but much to my surprise she also had cranked the volume ALL the way up so as I'm finishing my stretching, 'Holla Back Girl' came screaming through my living room at an insanely loud volume! It scared the daylights out of her...she jumped and ran away a little scared with her hands over her ears. I'll admit, it scared me too! As for the workout, today I completed two sets of: squats, lunges, push ups, flutter kicks, toe touches, and jump rope. I wanted to do some jump squats, but the ankle/foot was still a little tender so the last thing I wanted to do was re-injure it. This workout felt so great and I was so happy I did it because I had kinda been feeling like a workout slacker! Today made up for that. My push ups were a little bit of a struggle today. I hadn't done any in a while, but that might have been a good thing because at times my foot hurt a little when I was doing them. So I did them the girly way and just added 5 more to the set :( I really look forward to the day when I can just hammer out a really awesome set of push ups. So I'll continue feeling like a wimp while I complete some sets on my knees :( I'm hoping to spend some time on the bodyrock website tonight and look into some new workouts; so fingers crossed that my computer isn't running ridiculously slow.

That's it for today. Workout was pretty self explanatory. I'll be attempting to get more packed and I'll finish putting away the rest of the laundry because currently my laundry baskets are empty!!!!!!!!!!! Take notes because the possibility of that every happening again are, um..........very, very slim :)

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