Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hitting the road!

Hey everyone, I just wanted to drop a quick note that it might be a few days before my next post. The kids and I are heading to Ohio tomorrow morning and we'll be staying with family so depending on computer access my blogging could be limited :( But have no fear, I have packed my jump rope, tubing and bands so I can still do my workouts even though I'm not in my own home. So tormorrow we'll be traveling the majority of the day, Friday is my dad's retirement party and my brother will be home, Saturday I could be going back to Parkersburg (more on that in a minute), Sunday is Mother's Day, Monday I'm going to try to spend the day with the in-laws so they can see the kids and catch up with them, Tuesday and a few other days are open thus far, but we'll see what happens once we get into town.

So tomorrow I was suppose to have an appointment to see a possible rental for us next year. I called and made the appointment LAST Thursday. I called today to get the address and confirm and the lady told me that they rented it to someone else on Monday!!! What the heck??? I had an appointment and then you didn't even call me to let me know?! Is it just me or is that overly tacky and rude? So right now I'm not in a good mood. I go from insanely frustrated to extremely worried and scared that we might not find something therefore leaving us no option, but to have my husband go to Parkersburg without us for a while and the kids and I go to Ohio with family until we can find something :( I am trying everything in my power to keep that from happening, but right now to say that I STRONGLY dislike Parkersburg would be a complete understatement. And of course to make everything SO much better Henry isn't sleeping well and is waking up already!! Every time we plan a trip home, the night before we leave he sleeps terrible and is up numerous times because he knows I have to get up early and drive all day! I tell ya, I'm having one of those days when it hits the fan it hits hard! Oh even Grace is crying also! This is turning out to be a swell evening!!! Maybe I should've saved my workout for tonight so I could get out all my frustrations and work through the emotional rollcoaster that has been my evening. So thanks for letting my vent and thanks for actually reading the entire blog!! I guess not everyday can be the best day :-/ but when you're down, the only way to go is up so here's to praying that tomorrow is so much better than today <3

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