Thursday, July 14, 2011

two months??!!! yikes!

Okay so not a full two months, but pretty close. I'm officially the worst blogger ever!! Geez, it's taking me a second to get back into the swing of talking to you all again! Sssssooooo................since the last post (please don't look at the date, just know it was some time ago!!) lots of changes for our family, but I think most have been good ones! The most important and exciting one......I'm preggers with wonderful baby number 3! I'm so excited and can't wait to see who are newest addition will be! This baby will be the tie breaker, we have mom and daughter and dad and son! One team is going to get an extra player! I actually found out I was pregnant about two days before our big move.....seriously, timing could've been a little better, but we were so excited I don't think we cared. And I mean timing in the fact that, I had big plans for moving furniture and heavy lifting, all my big ideas and super organized moving plans.......right out the window with each positive pregnancy test (I ended up taking four total, never can be too safe!)

The big move from Lewisburg to the Parkersburg area happened on June 14th (so long ago, I know!) It actually went pretty smoothly considering the amount of "stuff" our family has. I was blessed enough to have my wonderful dad and awesome brother in law (Lance) come into town and help load the truck while the hubs was off taking the board exam in Charleston! I must take the next few lines here and give a VERY big shout out and HUGE, HUGE thank you to my dad and Lance because they worked their butts off. They were fantastic. They lifted, moved, grunted, pitted out shirts and smiled the whole time. Several times throughout the day I thought to myself, "these guys are the greatest!" And when I say they worked their butts off, that's nothing short of an understatement. Let me give you a "brief" run down of the moving situation....I rented a 24 foot truck, my dad brought a huge diesel truck and I of course, still had the mini van. I packed the mini van with the essentials of snacks, clothes, toiletries, paper products, bedding, personal items (passports, social security cards, etc), the kids (obviously!!), toys, and the dog. In the bed of my dad's truck, Beau's three bicycles, washer, dryer and our deep freezer (still full of frozen goods). Then in the cab of the truck other random items and boxes. Our 24 foot truck shrank considerably once we began loading it. There were literally boxes/rubber maid containers stacked from floor to ceiling in that truck with odds and ends items filling the awkward holes. We had that whole truck loaded in less than 3 hours, but when we turned around after the truck was full, there was still quite a bit of stuff waiting in a large heap in our living room, plus all the beds................not good. We were feeling a little defeated and this is when the day started to get very long. Quick thinking, I called U-Haul and rented a 5x8 trailer to hook up to my dad's truck....perfect! This is going to be great. So we got all the beds squeezed onto the back of the rental truck and closed the door. Then we started packing the U-Haul, it was loaded down and ready to go, but....................there was STILL more stuff. My dad, being the laid back guy that he is casually says, 'you're not going to make it! We'll have to make another trip." NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I was so bummed. It was a three hour drive from Lewisburg to Parkersburg, which meant we'd have to drive there unload the U-Haul and dad's truck and drive BACK to Lewisburg the next morning, get the stuff and DRIVE BACK to Parkersburg! UGH, what a pain! Thankfully during this heart wrenching moment my children were safely in the care of my BFF Nicole who so courageously and thoughtfully volunteered to watch my two kids along with her 2 year old while I packed the truck.......great woman (maybe slightly crazy for volunteering for such a daunting task all on her own since she would be moving just two days after us, to Parkersburg, thankfully). So admitting defeat, we load up the vehicles and head out of town. I picked up the kids first, of course and we stopped and got lunch because by this time is almost 3pm and none of has eaten since 8:45am-ish. We were hungry, not a lot of talking during our meal, just a slight degree of inhaling what food we had in front of us!

Got to Parkersburg area right around 6pm. I don't even dare start unloading that truck that night, no way! We unload the beds and that was it. Get them all set up in the rooms and I realize the only "bedding" I put in the van was sheets, no blankets....nada! Smack hand to forehead now genius! I DID NOT want to get back in my car to go to the store, especially Walmart. I hate that place, but I did because my babies can't sleep on beds with no sheets or pillows. As Lance is setting up the beds (I told you, these guys were better than any moving company!) my dad graciously volunteers to drive back to Lewisburg that night, load the truck and then drive back to the new house the next morning. I tell him he doesn't have to do that and to just get some sleep tonight and we'll go tomorrow. Too late, his mind is made up and he got in the truck and headed out. (*side note: I learned during this move that personality wise, I'm SSOO similar to my dad. He gets his mind made up to have something done and he does it and he won't stop thinking about it or working on it until it's done. He's a thinker and a planner and very much a "do-it-yourselfer"........just like his little girl!!). My dad got back to the house around 10am the next morning and then he and Beau busted their butts all day unpacking the truck while I started unloading boxes inside. My dad stayed until everything was unloaded and helped me return the rental truck and U-Haul that same day even though they weren't due back until the next day!

Once the truck was unloaded, it only took us a couple days to have the whole upstairs of our house unpacked and set up. The basement took some time because we did more purging as we unpacked down there. There is still so much I want to get done. Small organizing projects, etc that have taken a backseat right now because this first trimester is kicking my butt right into exhaustion by evening time. I was the same way with the other two also, so I'm hoping in the next few weeks that changes and I can get back to feeling a little more motivated. I'm currently 10 weeks pregnant and I'm already starting to feel a little better each day. Not as tired when I wake up, not practically passing out and drooling in my husbands recliner when the kids are down for naps, you know typical pregnancy stuff!!

I'll post before and after pictures of some of the areas of the house to give you a general idea of what chaos we lived in for a few days. But big things coming up for the baby boy turns 1 in just a few weeks!!!! Then 11 days later my baby girl turns 3!!!! Lots of celebrating to do with my little ones so the party planning is starting as we actually get to have the birthday party at our house this year!! Plus the hubs started his 3rd year of medical school and is currently in his family medicine rotation and it seems to be going well. I have my first ultrasound on July 27th so I'll get to see the baby and hear their heartbeat which is always so exciting and a huge relief to know that things are going well.

But I think for tonight I'll close it up here and wish you all a happy friday and a wonderful weekend! And thanks for anyone who has continuously checked back for updates. I'll talk to you soon, heck maybe even tomorrow....haha!

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  1. CONGRATS!!!! On so many things! Mainly of course your pregnancy! But the move, Beau starting 3d year, and getting back to blogging, too! You've been so busy there's no wonder you haven't been sitting down to post lately. I still love which I only found bc of you and this blog and recommend it at any chance. Glad things are going well for you and your family. ~Wendy