Monday, May 7, 2012

sweat is fat crying

Hey there all. So much for my streak of posting....two days in a row and I blew it on Thursday :( But I did do my workouts and as always they are slowly whipping my butt into shape. Today I actually did a 21 minute workout! I will tell you about it in just a minute, but first I wanted to share some equipment I'm hoping to add to my collection. The first is the abs and dip station.

The Original Dip Bar by Ultimate Body Press - USA & Canada

It will be amazing to have this piece to use in my workouts. There are so many different things you can do with this and my goal is to just really be able to rock out some reverse pull ups with this thing. The cost of this station deflates my excitement a little because it's $129 bucks! That's a little too much for this cheap skate sitting here, but if I could find it on sale and then dig up an online coupon some where, well then folks I might just be willing to splurge a little. However, my solution is even better and probably a lot cheaper too! The good ol' handsome (and handy!!) hubby is going to build me one for Mother's Day (per my request of course!). He found some plans online and will be putting those little babies in motion soon! I am uber excited for this.

The other thing that I would like to invest in is called an Ugi ball. Here's what it looks like

I think the 8lb would be perfect. They're similar to a medicine ball and also soft like a bean bag chair rather than the rough exterior of the medicine ball. Guess how much this baby is???.....Give up? It's another $129 bucks! That apparently seems to be the magic number for all the things that our catching my. With this, I'm willing to compromise, I'll invest in a good old fashioned medicine ball and just be tickled to death with it. We have been doing a little browsing locally and they seem to run about $45. Big difference and since I've found them locally, there will be no online purchasing or paying for shipping! Double bonus.

I also wanted to share with you the website that I get my workouts from. It's called and it's awesome. I'll post a link here to the homepage and you should definitely check it out. I will warn you the videos can be very intimidating, but they will break it down for even the newest beginner. Also, another warning the girl doing the videos is wearing some tight and tiny clothing some days, but after doing these workouts, I understand the lack of clothing, baggy t-shirts and long basketball shorts are very frustrating when completing a move. So even my wardrobe has changed a little since doing these exercises. And another thing, my looks NOTHING like the girl in the video, so no worries. I still have a little post baby pouch that is hanging around much longer than I want it to! I'm hopeful it will be gone soon!

I digress. This website will even give you meal ideas also to help you loose weight faster. I've only browsed through some of them, but I'm hoping in the next couple days to really go through them and see what it's all about. I seem to be in a pretty good rhythm with my workouts so I'd really like to start focusing on my diet. I've taken the steps to improve it, but I think I can do better. I seen a thing online that said being in shape and fitness is 30% exercise and 70 % diet!! I'm hoping to develop a personal challenge for myself through dieting and see how it goes. Now when I say "diet" don't think I'm going all granola and yogurt on you or no meats, etc. That will probably never happen because I've mentioned in earlier posts, I'm a meat and potatoes kinda gal. The problem is with all the information coming out about chemicals in our food and the processed meats, etc, as a mom it's very scary for me to think of what I could be giving my kids. I'm trying to buy more organic fruits and veggies and we're researching buying our meats from local farmers rather than the big chain super markets. If you're interested, there's a great documentary on Netflix called "Food, Inc" it will change the way you look at the food on your plate. Or it did for my husband and I.

Sorry for my tyrant there, the whole food thing sorta got away from me. Back to my workouts, so from now on I'll try to post the link to the video of exercises I did so you can see someone doing them. I don't always do the exact video, some times I take different exercises and make up my own workout so I'll explain those to you when I do.

The workout I completed today is Sexy Girl Crush and then I completed a 9 minute ab challenge. It's posted on the same page. If you scroll down you'll see it. Needless to say, the workout was a real butt kicker today. The sweat today was disgusting, I mean running down my stomach and face, man sweat kinda sweat. I jumped in the shower immediately afterwards! The kiddos were down for naps so it was easier. Then after dinner we took a family walk (our doggie included) and it was hot outside.I have a feeling we're going to have a pretty intense summer.

I have my workout for tomorrow already. Very basic exercises, squats, push ups (fingers crossed) tricep extensions and crunches. This is a challenge I found on the website so I'll do as many reps as I can tomorrow in my 50 secs and write that number down and then after 30 days of exercising, I'll come back and re-do these exercises and compare my reps to the first day. So check out the website and let me know what you think! Do you think you would be interested in workouts like these? Do you have a workout that is just awesome and working for you? Hope everyone has a great night!

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  1. Yay Courtney, it's so fun to read your blogs :) Your family pictures are beautiful! Can't believe your little one is already 12 wks! Glad to hear you're doing well! Last year when you started blogging I got into bodyrock and now I tell everyone about it! I do it pretty sporadically really but love the work out it gives..but yeah the equipment can be expensive! Bc I don't do it much, I just use furniture or go without the extra weight (muscles shake anyway) haha. Hope you're loving 3d year! I know for us it's so much better than the 1st 2 years! Talk to u soon