Saturday, July 16, 2011

I'm back already!

I know, back so soon you ask?! Why yes I am. I forgot how much I enjoyed blogging until I sat down and gave you all a semi-update on what's been going on in mi casa! So last time I updated you on the move....pretty exciting stuff huh!? I know, my life is pretty excellent. But just to give you an idea of the sorta mess that consumed us for a few days I'd like to share with you a couple pictures of our kitchen before any boxes were unpacked. Brace's scary! Picture quality isn't the greatest because I had to use my phone.....didn't know where my camera was at that moment.

Told you......scary stuff..............but wait here's one more............
Oh yes, this is what every room looked like for a few days. Seriously, EVERY room. We actually couldn't close our bedroom door for days! It was boxes, boxes, boxes. If I ever see another moving box it will be too soon. But after just one day of my slighty OCD personality here is what it looked like.......

aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh......already so much better!

I'll take pictures of what it looks like now that it's completely done and share with you all. Moving is so tedious and boring. Although I do like being able to purge and reorganize, but again it's so tedious. And I really was feeling pretty exhausted with the pregnancy and all so I was feeling pretty worthless for about a good week or so, but you must push on!

So with the move, the unpacking and the new pregnancy, my workouts were, um, well,...................honestly close to extinct. I actually went a few days without even thinking about them and one day while I was vacuuming, I literally stopped and thought, "oh s**t! I've completely forgot!" So I really dropped the ball at the end. But I'm hoping to get some things put together and get back into it. At least on a smaller scale with the pregnancy. I think I'm going to focus on core strength and stretching. Those two things will make labor (and the rest of my pregnancy) easier for my body.

Not a whole lot to say today, but I'll leave you with a picture of my favorite man in all his cuteness!

Nibbling on his first ear of corn! He was loving it! And so frustrated when I took it away and put him straight in the bath! This is going to be one easy kid to feed. All he wants to do is eat off your plate, whether it's safe for him to have or not.....God love him, he always tries to get it! Isn't he the cutest?!! And getting so big!

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