Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Oh man, I'm sleepy!!

My workout today was pretty tough again, but thankfully pretty uneventful from the kids side!! I went to bed pretty late last night (so stupid!!) was pretty tired when I got up this morning and was REALLY hoping the kids would nap at the same time so I might catch a quick nap also!! My Wednesday mornings are always kind of rushed because my daughter goes to a church class every week and she is thrilled from the time she wakes up until we pull into the parking lot!! So generally, I'm trying to go through the morning routine with her literally following me from room to room asking, 'we go to church today?!' and then she proceeds to give me my 'to do' list before we can leave.....maybe talking to her so much during the day is starting to bite me in the butt a little???

After I dropped her off I came back home and it worked out perfectly, my son went down for his nap, I grabbed a quick breakfast and got to it. I really wanted a good, hard workout today so if I got to nap, I'd be pretty tired and wouldn't talk myself into doing something that actually needed to be laundry (blah!) When I woke up this morning I was SO sore!! My pecs and back were so stiff it was incredible! At first I thought I had just laid in a bad position last night, but as I got moving this morning I realized it was those stupid Dive Bomber push ups that I did yesterday! Obviously I worked muscles I hadn't worked in quite some time! So suddenly this morning carrying my 22lb son through the church seemed to take forever! Given the soreness of my arms and back I figured I'd give my legs a pretty good beating today and see if maybe I can wake up tomorrow morning and just be completely stiff as a board!! Hell, why not, right! The workout today was another timed session. It was 12 minutes, four exercises at 50 secs each with a 10 sec rest, just like yesterday. I really enjoy these timed workouts because it forces me to keep working the muscle even when I'm exhausted so you really feel improvement being made. Okay, so the four exercises were JUMP SQUATS (I mentioned these in a previous these a lot), MOUTAIN CLIMBERS, LUNGES, and FLUTTER KICKS (laid on my back hands under my tailbone, lifted my legs a few inches into the air and kicked small kicks). I went through all these exercises three times and I was out of breathe and sweaty! For me the timer keeps me honest and working hard because sure I could do lunges in my living room, but if I only do a set of 20 lunges, I'm not getting the same out of it if I do it for almost an entire minute three times!!! After my workout, (and laying starfish like in my living room for several minutes gasping for what seemed like my last breathe) I took a nice hot shower and that was exactly what I needed. Every muscle in my body was either quivering from the workout or stiff! It was probably one of my longer showers and definitely a slower one due to only being able to raise my arms to a certain height.....that height would be barely above my head!!!

To some people these exercises might seem pretty simple and they are when done individually and only doing a certain number a day, but when I'm doing them, I'm really pushing it. I'm not only doing maybe 15-20 moutain climbers in 50 secs, I'm trying to get in one climber every second, so it's fast paced and challenging. So the simplest of exercises are excruciating by the 3rd and 4th sets and trying to maintain the same intensity for the entire time is challenging. Hopefully, one day after all this personal ass kicking I'm doing to myself, these exercises will seem a little easier, but when that happens, I'll add another round!! I'm not looking to have six pack abs or all those other things girls are worried about getting from working out, I'm looking to be lean and strong. I caught a little bit of Dancing With The Stars last night and the judges made a comment that caught my attention. A girl had just finished dancing, she was really tall and super skinny....the kind that, unfortunately, young girls are modeling themselves after, she was thin...too thin. But the judges looked at her and said that she need to work on her core strength because it was weak. I, admittedly, laughed to myself because I thought, there she is with a body that women at home are wishing they had, but she has no strength. She probably couldn't do much of any kind of lifting for herself, etc. I don't want that, I want to have strength in my body, to know that I can do things for myself and to know that I can take care of my kids and some household chores that other women can't. I'm not looking to be Hercules, just looking for personal strength, in more ways than one!

Oh and the kids were awesome and napped together, so I got a short nap in this afternoon :)

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